A Qualitative & Quantitative Review
Don’t leave increased revenue, reduction of costs or increased bottom line profit to chance.
We provide an objective and comprehensive analysis of the business to give an unbiased view of its strengths and weaknesses. The business
analysis takes approximately one to three days.

Our "Profit Analysis" are for businesses that have gross revenues ranging from $10,000 to $10 million in annual revenue.

The analysis being conducted will identify variances in key areas. In addition, the business analyst benchmarks the company’s performance against
others in the industry using 14 key business ratios and other available data as provided by Dun & Bradstreet.

This review is an X-ray of the business and much like the review a Wall Street analyst undertakes on publicly-held companies to determine financial
strength or weakness.
Minimum Investment - Maximum Benefit
The quality and timeliness of information assists business owners with critical decisions. In order to make wise
and profitable decisions, it is imperative to have a thorough business analysis.

Similar to the general practitioner, a business analyst is trained to perform an exhaustive diagnostic study of
the business. The analyst and support team have experience with similar business operations.

An in-depth examination is performed including financial, operational and sales functions to provide
recommendations for improvement by identifying strengths and deficiencies.
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Do you qualify for a FREE REVIEW from a former "Fortune 500" Business Analyst?

Meeting with talented entrepreneurs keeps us sharp. That’s why we make it a practice to sit down with a certain number of
business owners on a regular basis to assess their financial situation and make recommendations free of charge.

Yet because we only have a limited amount of time we do this, we have to be selective about who we do this for.

If you feel that you're bottom line profits should/could be better - Call Today!
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1. You will receive an objective appraisal of your business operations.
2. The business analyst will review all areas of your business which have a direct influence on your profit and expense controls, marketing,
management, operations and finance.
3. You will receive an objective view from a seasoned professional. You will benefit from a new pair of eyes scrutinizing your business, trained toive.
4. The business analyst will offer you direction on how to reduce costs and generate greater revenues, thereby increasing your profitability.
5. You will gain an understanding of the financial and analytical tools necessary to maintain your competitive edge.
6. Maximize the return on your investment. The analyst will:
  • Identify the problems in your business
  • Describe how the problems are impacting your business
  • Discuss the cost of these problems to your business
7. Our analytical work is value priced.
recognize problems that impact your profits. You will have a fresh perspective.
8. You will receive immediate benefits from the analysis through identification of the problems, the costs of those problems, and the effect of
the problems on your daily operations; as well as their resulting long-term impact on your business.
9. We are available to provide management consulting services after the analysis, if appropriate. The course of action you elect to pursue
after you have confronted the problems is entirely your decision.
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