the findings, the owner had the choice of performing the tasks themselves or hiring our IPA specialists to come in and perform the
changes for them.

For those who chose to do it themselves, I assisted them by explaining my turn-around strategy
P.O.W.E.R.R.S. Create the
(P)lan…(O)rganize the steps & responsibilities…(W)ork that plan for a specific time period, say 3 months…After 3 monthsstop and
(E)valuate the results…If plan is working (R)epeat or continue what's being done…If the plan isn’t working then keep (R)evising
the plan until they

I loved this career, but unfortunately it was 100% travel, and we (my wife & I) wanted to have a family. So after much prayer and
reflection, I made the very hard decision to resign from this career, and then in 2009 we moved from Madeira Beach Fl, to
Janesville, WI. where we now currently reside.

In 2010 I launched my business management company E.H.POWERRS Inc., then in 2012, I started my Risk Management company
Hudson Agency & Associates LLC.
Prior to starting this company I spent 6 years as a Senior Business Analyst with a Fortune 500 company, International Profit
Associates (IPA).

IPA focused on turn-around management consulting. The Firm's services included tax solutions, mergers and acquisitions,
business valuation, business development, and general management services for small to medium sized corporations.

As a Senior Business Analyst, my primary purpose was to identify why the company wasn’t making money, then provide them with
solutions to turn the company around. This process included, interviewing business owners and employees, financial analysis, and
reviewing their entire operation from sales to delivery including their systems, policies, procedures and controls. After delivering
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Do you qualify for a FREE REVIEW from a former "Fortune 500" Business Analyst?

Meeting with talented entrepreneurs keeps us sharp. That’s why we make it a practice to sit down with a certain number of
business owners on a regular basis to assess their financial situation and make recommendations free of charge.

Yet because we only have a limited amount of time we do this, we have to be selective about who we do this for.

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